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The features of the Six Sigma program developed by L.K.Quality Bt. ( and accepted by the Hungarian National Committee of EOQ (European Organization for Quality) are the following:

  • The program consists of two parts built on each other:

  • green belt training + project start

  • black belt training + project development

  • The training provides some pieces of software:

  • MINITAB statistical software for analysing data (

  • ProcessModel  for modeling, and optimalization of processes (

  • MINITAB Quality Companion software for managing projects, for using and documenting quality tools

  • Each participant uses his/her own note-book (computer requirements can be seen here). The participants receive the teaching materials in files. During the training everybody can follow the explanations and exercises on his/her computer.

  • The participants obtain certification about the finish of the education. The training is a preparation for receiving of the green belt personal certification to be issued by HNC of EOQ.

Green belt training takes 5 days of four successive weeks (2 days in the fist week and then 1 day per week). L.K. Quality Bt. provides software during the teaching period. The aim is the acquisition of the basic knowledge and practice as well as definition and start of a cost reduction project. It is expected from each participants to bring a process development project idea and to collect at least 100 local measurement data for elaborating an own data analysis with help of consultation.  Modeling and analysis of a process selected by each attendant take place during the training, so the education is customized on local conditions. The green belt training takes the participants got acquainted with the DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyse-Imrove-Control) method of Six Sigma, with quality tools, modeling of processes, managing and documentation of projects (detailed themes can be found here). Each participant finishes the green belt course with an independent data analysis and a start of a project.


Black belt training takes as well 5 days (with 2-3 weeks interruption), during these periods the passing of the new knowledge (detailed themes can be seen here) as well as the assessment of the progress of the cost reduction projects take place. The consultation provides the deepening of the old knowledge, the acquisition of practices in quality tools and project management. Between two teaching days the attendants work on their own projects under the direction of instructors. The projects are consulted during the course days, on minimum 5 days according to the DMAIC steps. The work of the participants is supported by the MINITAB and MTB Quality Companion software, what provide the tools (their list can be found here), the forms helping the management and documentation of projects (example here). The usage of tools is assisted by coaches (example here). The forms and coaches are written in English and Hungarian languages. The project should provide the benefit equal to the cost of the training.


The whole Six Sigma program  - green and black belt courses - covers altogether 10 teaching days.


The internet connection - in each phases of the courses, especially during development and consultation of the projects - pays an important role!


L.K.Quality Bt. can provide special courses concerning each software belonging to Six Sigma (MINITAB, ProcessModel and MTB Quality Companion) as well as mentoring Six Sigma projects.


Further courses (with examples) can be found  here.


Any inquiry is welcomed (phone: 06 1 262 0412, e-mail:


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